The grass is greener

I love unexpected compliments from unlikely sources. I work in a city, and am a frequent visitor to the main branch of the county library - it is two blocks from my building, and I find myself there at least twice a week, sometimes more. Because I'm there so often, I am on a smile & nod basis with several of the people who work there. One girl always stands out in my mind when I visit because she has absolutely gorgeous, 50's pin-up, lushious red hair in fat ringlets around her face, just longer than shoulder level. I have had hair envy for four years because of her - I covet the ringlets, I covet the color, and I covet the texture.

Today I walked up to the desk to pick something up and she smiled and said "Hi! How are you?" in that "I recognize you" tone of voice you use when you're familiar with someone but don't know their name. "Good!" I said, "how are you?" She said she was fine, and then blurted out, "you make me want to cut my hair, your haircut looks great!" All I could think was "WHY???? Noooooooooooooooo!"

Anyway, score one for the pixie cut!


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