I can heeeaaaar you
I'm always fascinated by cube-farm behavior. In my office, people say and do things that they would never dream of doing if their desks were in an open area. Today I overheard one coworker talking in extremely graphic terms about the birth of her nephew a few days ago, and then five minutes later heard a different coworker playing with his ringtones, trying to decide which one to use.

There are few things more irritating to me than when someone decides that it is appropriate to use the speakerphone function when they are not in an actual office with a closed door. It's not!!
Not for checking voicemail (how do you know what the person is going to say? What if it’s confidential or embarrassing?), not for being on a conference call (you mean I have to listen to tinny voices talking about a topic I know nothing about using synergistic-manager-speak for an HOUR???).

I know I’m not perfect about this stuff either, but if I have a sensitive phone call to make (doctor’s office or whatever), I either go to an empty conference room (you know, one of those places with WALLS and a DOOR) or else take a walk and make the call on my cell phone once I’m out of the building. Because I’m a courteous whiny bitch.


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