I miss her
I saw my best friend yesterday and now my throat is sore and my voice is hoarse. We only get together about 4 - maybe 5 - times a year because we live 2 hours apart. That doesn't seem like much, but it's hard to find time when we're both free and make the trek.

We met in college and ignored each other for the first semester, then were inseperable from second semester on. We were only roommates for a year, but it was the single most fun year of my life. We used to joke that if we were gay, or if one of us were a guy, we'd be soulmates.

Originally, we were going to meet this weekend in the town we went to college in and walk around campus all day. We usually do that once every summer. At the last minute she called and said she had discount tickets to the big amusement park that's about halfway between our houses. We spent 10 hours there and waited in line for most of that time beacause we both like the really good rides - the loopy, fast, scary ones that get your adrenaline going. I think we went on a total of 10 rides, plus ate lunch and the rest of the time was spent in lines. That was fine with us, because waiting = talking. We fit in all the conversation that we missed by not living close to each other and seeing each other more often.

It's the best Saturday I've had in a very long time.


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