I'm in a BAD mood
People that annoyed me today:

  1. The dog who whined nonstop this morning - the little one (S.) does this every morning, but today it go on my nerves and I wanted to strangle him.

  2. The guy on the bus who did not stop adjusting his baseball hat (worn backwards, of course) the entire ride into downtown - What. The. Fuck???

  3. The guy on the elevator who said, in an unnaturally cheerful voice for 7:30 am, "Make today great!!" - if he hadn't said it as the doors were closing after he got off, he would have had an ID badge through his eyeball.

  4. My coworker who says "fustrated," with intentional emphasis on the "fuss" part - she does this every day (because she's always so freaking FUStrated) and seems to take a perverse pleasure in saying it that way. Stop it. STOP IT. STOP IT!!! THERE IS A GODAMMED R AFTER THE F STOP SAYING IT LIKE THAT YOU ARE DRIVING ME FREAKING CRAZY !@$@#%%@@@#%#@ *deep breath*

  5. A different coworker who says "for certain" instead of "certain" (e.g. "I am for certain going to the mall today") - this is not english. If you continue to do this in the future, please see above list item for my eventual reaction to you, you illiterate troglodyte. I am surrounded by idiots. Idiots who are within earshot whenever they make phone calls.

  6. My manager, who responded to a simple question I sent him by scheduling a half hour meeting - and then not answering that question in the meeting until I mentioned that everything he was going over was stuff that I had already taken care of and could you please just answer this one question for me so I can go back to my desk and finish working on this project?

  7. Whoever nuked up some pizza in the breakroom at 3 pm - you are making me drool. Huuuuunnnngry.


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