It doesn’t come easy

I’m not a writer. I’ve never had a diary or journal, and while I love making up stories in my head, I’ve never written any down aside from school assignments long ago. My great passion is reading – and I read voraciously. Most things in life are a give and take, and I’ve come to realize that (especially online) I read other people’s work and adopt their ideas and get swayed by their opinions, but I never give back. Honestly, after 3+ years of reading certain weblogs, I have yet to leave comments. I wrote one comment once, but stopped reading that particular blog shortly afterwards (the two events were not related).

I’m not conceited enough to think that I will have a big impact on anyone, but I’ve felt for so long like I’m simultaneously part of the blogosphere but still standing on the outside because I simply never contribute. It doesn’t feel that great to know that I’m deliberately removing myself from a group of people just because it’s more difficult for me to get my thoughts down than it is for me to read someone else’s thoughts. So I’ll plod along and be very uninteresting, but at least I’ll be contributing, and I’ll be part of it.


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