Lazy days of summer
I love relaxing weekends. I have no plans this weekend except to go grocery shopping (our regular once-a-week trip) and take the dogs to a lake with my husband. It is hilarious watching the dogs swim around since they're not very good at it, but they seem to love it.

The peace will be broken next week, however, as my in-laws are due to arrive Monday night and leave Wednesday morning. Who, may I ask, drives 9 hours one-way to spend one full day with family? I honestly wouldn't mind if they stayed longer, I get along with them pretty well. It just seems so weird to me that they'd get here in time for dinner (maybe), then spend a day with us, and then leave first thing the next morning.

Also, I had to take Tuesday off from work for their visit, which annoys me a little - I got the 4th off as a holiday, so that would be the logical time to have guests. I really don't have that many vacation days left this year - I have 7 and was planning on using 5 of them to visit my family around the holidays since we haven't seen them in a year or so. That leaves 2, one of which will be taken on Tuesday now.

Oh, well. I'll concentrate on doing nothing today but shopping, laying around the house, and finishing up a book in the hammock out back. Maybe I can even sneak a nap in there somewhere.


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