My office is boring
So recently my office acquired a new vending machine. We already had a soda machine, a snack machine, and a drink machine for glass bottles (starbucks, sobe, juices, etc.), but this - this machine is what we needed and didn't even know it. It is a Blue Bunny ice cream machine.

News of the machine spread fast, but the hopeful gossip was squelched soon enough - it was empty, and would not be stocked for a week. Ladies and gentlemen, the waiting has ended and there are ice cream bars sitting 200 feet from me, waiting to be bought. But wait! That's not even the best part! Call in the next 30 minutes - wait, not where I was going with this.


The best part is how the vending machine, er, vends. It's a cross between a vacuum cleaner and a claw. When you put in the money, the lid to the freezer lifts (behind the glass) so you can see what's available. Then, you make your selection and a hose drops down from the top and glides over to the compartment that holds the thing you chose - in my case, an ice cream sandwich. The hose then starts sucking. It drops down and gets an ice cream sandwich to stick to it, then lifts up and glides back to the front of the machine. The vacuum turns off and the sandwich drops into the pick-up area.

People, this is fascinating. I'm serious, the machine has been stocked for two days, and whenever someone mentions getting something from it about 6 other people pop out of their cubes to go with them. To WATCH.

Ok, maybe we're just all pathetically geeky.


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