No silver lining
I noticed my first white hair in college. Well, ok, I didn't notice it, my sister-in-law did (she delights in pointing out when you don't look as good as her, which for me is all. the. time). I didn't think much of it until several years later when I was parting my hair in a slightly different place than usual and found about 5 of them along the same line. I freaked (I was 22ish - the horror!) and yanked them all, then went through the rest of my head searching for the invaders. Since then I had taken a few minutes every couple of days (usually right after I plucked my eyebrows) to search and destroy.

Last month, I was pulling out a whole bunch of them and realized they were probably getting a LOT more common and I had no idea if I was past the point of one-or-two-is-common-for-a-25-year-old and already to crap-I'll-be-salt-and-pepper-by-the-time-I'm-thirty. Since I have no intention of dying my hair, even if I do go completely gray really soon, I thought that I should stop pulling them so that a) I could see how many there are and b) if there really were that many, I wouldn't stop doing it a year from now and suddenly not be able to stop without looking funny because I'd go from dark to gray overnight. Also, I did not want to be pulling so many that it looked like my hair was thinning, because that would just be too sexy. Ha.

Incidentally, this isn't surprising - my mom started going gray in her 30's and by 40 was "gray" for hair color on her license instead of "black" (and is now in her 50's but still gray, not silver-haired yet). I apparently take more after my dad, who had black hair until his mid-20's and then started going gray. Speed up my mom's timeline by 5-10 years and you have him. And whenever gray hair is mentioned, I am reminded that my grandmother had white - stark white - hair by 30. So great. I hoped I wouldn't be subject to it, because both my parents had jet black hair, but I clearly had dark brown. I'm not that lucky, I guess.

Anyway, we come to this month, which has heard a lot of "oh god, there are SO many!" everytime I comb my hair. Nonetheless, if I part my hair the right way you don't see any - maybe one or two if you stood directly over me and looked down, which, who does that? So I was good. Then today I got a haircut and was joking about how I was only 25 and going so gray already, and my stylist was working along and when she was done, I noticed that she had parted it (and dried/styled to the point where I'd have to take a shower to change it) where there was a clump of them visible - some even sticking straight up. Great. Thank you, person I will now pay $50 so I can come back next month so you can do the same thing.

So what did I do when I got home? Got in the shower so I could cover the gray with more hair? Of course not, that's too much work. I pulled all those visible suckers out. I swear I won't go looking for them to pull like before, but if they're sticking straight up when even people shorter than me can see them, those things are GONE.


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