Not so lazy days
Ok, so yesterday was just as relaxing as I thought it would be. Today, however, is not shaping up that way. I had forgotten that since the in-laws would be arriving right after we get home from work tomorrow, the house would need to be ready by then. So today, in addition to the lake, I had to mow the lawn, plus later I'll vacuum the entire house and make sure all our crap is picked up.

On a side note - I think my dogs talk to each other. The little one has been a whiner since the day we got him. He wants something? He whines. The bigger one ignores him for the most part, since he is older and wiser. We have an armchair in our office that the dogs are allowed to sit on, but only one of them fits comfortably (especially in the summer when it's too hot to snuggle up together). Lately, I've noticed the little one sitting in front of the chair when the bigger one is on it, then whining for a couple of seconds and then just watching. After a few seconds, the bigger one gets off the chair and lays on the floor and the little one hops up. This is so bizarre to me.


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