As we drove home from the picnic last night around 9, the following conversation took place:

Me: Well, that was fun, wasn't it? And WOW, it's already nine o'clock! That means we should go to bed an hour after we get home - but we won't be home for 40 minutes so I guess we should go to bed 20 minutes after we get home but I'm not that tired and I don't think I'll be able to fall asleep so I think I'll stay up for a little bit and you're probably not that tired either and - oh, yeah! - I did my laundry today so I have to put that away before I go to bed or else I will just live out of the laundry basket for three weeks until it's time to do laundry again.

Him: ...


Yeah. So after about six months of having maybe a cup of coffee once a month, I had a regular Mountain Dew at 5 pm and a Diet Pepsi at 8 pm. I finally got into bed at midnight, then lay awake for an hour before getting up again to read for a while. At 2 I got back into bed and spent the rest of the night tossing and turning. When the alarm went off at 6 this morning I wanted to kill it.


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