Yes, I am conceited. Why do you ask?
I'm not a naturally athletic person. Ok, fine, I hate exercising. I'd be perfectly happy to never move a muscle. In grade school my parents made me choose a sport for each season, but by high school all pretense was dropped. When I embarked on a weight-loss program a few years ago, I did a simple cost-benefit analysis (like the nerd I am) to figure out what activity would burn enough calories, not take much time, and not bore me out of my mind. Behold: Jogging with Audio Books. Jogging basically gives me the most bang for my buck, time/calorie wise. Plus (and this was important): I could do it by myself, it didn't involve competition, and I didn't have to buy any equipment to get started. The audio books just distract me enough to not give up 5 minutes after I start every time. Plus, I'm not "allowed" to listen to audio books unless I'm jogging, so when I'm in the middle of one it's a little extra push to get me out the door.

Four years after I started, I still hate it. But I do it for the same reasons I picked jogging to begin with. I can go out for a half hour 3 or 4 days a week and it keeps me in shape (and when I don't eat like a pig, lets me lose a pound here and there fairly painlessly - er, at least, without having to change my normal routine much).

Anyway, enough with the boring background. Last night I went out for a jog at 8:30. In the area I jog in, I see quite a few other runners when I'm driving places and also a ton of dog walkers. Even so, I rarely see anyone else in the time I'm out there slogging it out, with the exception of people doing yard work. I had just turned the last corner before I stopped "heading out" and started "going home" and noticed a woman on the sidewalk across the street also jogging. She was a little bit in front of me, but it looked like we were going about the same pace, which is a surprise because even after four years I'm slower than a freaking snail. We both headed up a fairly long and steep incline and when she reached the halfway point she just…stopped. Didn't slow down, didn't start walking. Stopped. Then she fiddled with something at her waist (music player?) and started slowly strolling up the rest of the hill. A feeling of superiority and smugness got me up the rest of the hill at the same pace I started it at and then all the way home. I feel a little bad about it now, but it's so rare I can feel more accomplished than anyone at something physical, I think I'm going to go with it. *sigh* I'm such a bitch.


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