He won't share with me!
This weekend C. and I took the dogs to the lake. The beach there doesn't allow dogs, but there's a small area next to the regular beach that is still pretty shallow and doesn't have any restrictions. When we got there, there were a few people there already with 3 dogs among them. B. and S. love to meet new dogs, so they were happy to sniff and play, and B. immediately bounded into the water because he loves to swim.

After a few minutes I got our ball out and started tossing it into the water for B. to fetch. He'd paddle out there and turn around with some effort, and sloooowly paddle back, because we only take him swimming about twice a year and I don't think it comes very naturally to him at first. After a few throws, the big chocolate lab that was also there started going for the same ball. B. was faster getting out there to grab it first, but he'd start to head back and this big dog would swim up beside him and grab it from his mouth. B. would give a pitiful warning growl, but couldn't do much about the bigger dog unless he wanted to drown just to keep his precious* ball.

I did notice, however, that every time the lab stole it from him, B. would raise his eyes to me on the shore with a look that clearly said, "Mo-om! Do something!"

* C. and I call tennis balls "precious" in that creepy Gollum voice from LotR, because that is EXACTLY how B. acts around them. If he's not completely convinced you'll throw it for him immediately, he won't give it up without some delay. He's not mean about it, and isn't aggressively possessive, but if there's a ball around that he has access to, he's either sitting on it or carrying it around, or going completely nuts for you to throw it.

Once, when a ball had torn in half, we gave him one half to keep just to see what he would do. He sat down in the corner of the living room with it between his paws as if he was guarding it. Whenever S. came anywhere NEAR him he'd give a warning growl and that was the end of that - it got taken away after 5 minutes. He looked like we broke his heart.

It must be contagious
Last week when I thought I might be pregnant, I went to the supermarket to pick up a couple of tests to see if I was right. Since I only had the one item, I stood in line for the self-checkouts. There were four of them, all in use, and one mid-30's-looking guy standing in line in front of me with four or five small things in a basket. When I got in line behind him, he glanced back at me and I saw his eyes on the box in my hand. A few seconds went by and he glanced back again, this time looking a little apprehensive.

A checkout station opened up and the man took a step forward, then half-turned and said, "You only have one item? You go ahead." I protested but he insisted, "It's ok, go ahead." I said "thanks" brightly and went along to buy the test. I can only imagine what he thought would happen if I had to wait an extra 30 seconds to check out.

Not the way I wanted to start the week
This morning I got on my bus and looked around in dismay. There weren't many empty seats in the front half, and I prefer to not sit smushed up against a stranger. There's nothing wrong with the back, but it's usually filled with high school kids, especially in the morning when the vagrants are still sleeping it off in the public parks along the route (definitely not the case in the afternoon, when I have had the - er - priveledge? of being flashed because I dared sit back past the halfway mark at 4 pm one day).

Anyway, I made my way back there, sat down and got out my book. I was sitting on a center-facing bench, and next to me was a teenage girl on a forward-facing seat. About 5 minutes went by when she tapped me on the arm and whispered "I just saw a [something unintelligible] on your seat."

"Excuse me?"

"A cockroach. It went behind your seat."

Well, THANK YOU, dear. I know you meant well, but considering the lack of other seats on this bus, I would have rather avoided spending the next 15 minutes of the ride looking, for all intents and purposes, like I had to pee really badly. You better believe I was fidgeting, because I like to think a cockroach would prefer to avoid a leg in motion rather than going to check it out. I also got off the bus two stops early.

It's been a while, I know
What a week. Ok, so that was a false alarm (I don't see how it could have been anything else anyway - technically the chances were less than 1%).

But in other news, I managed to have two job interviews basically fall into my lap. It's funny, because I don't really like my job, but I don't hate it outright. It's just boring and requires no skill, and I do the same things on a daily basis that I was doing when I started over 3 years ago. But I do get paid well enough, so I don't like to complain about it too much. Once in a while, though, I check out the company intranet site to see if there are any job postings that would be more challenging (read: won't make me want to nap by 10 am every day).

Two fridays ago I found one that seemed perfect - actually using some of the stuff I learned in college and didn't require much actual experience in them. I applied and had an interview by Thursday.

About a month ago, there was also a general cattle call for jobs in my field at a national corporation that is consolidating a bunch of its offices in my city. I went and gave them my resume, and didn't really expect much - I figured I'd get an interview for a job identical to what I'm doing now, and unless they wanted to pay me a lot more or had MUCH better benefits, I'd stay where I am anyway. I also shoved my resume into the stack for the job I WANT to be doing (similar to the internal job I just interviewed for). Surprise, surprise, last Monday I got a call about THAT job and scheduled an interview for Wednesday.

I should hear back about both within two weeks, and I'm nervous. I'd almost be relieved to be turned down for both, but that's silly. I'm just used to my current job and anything else seems scary and daunting.

Odds and ends
Well, I did get glasses. They're pretty cute, actually:

Everyone keeps telling me I look a lot smarter with them on. I know it's supposed to be a compliment, but come on. "Smarter" is one thing - "a lot smarter" is totally different.

On a separate note, I know I posted about trying for a baby in a couple of months - little did I know that I invited the irony gods to laugh at my "plan ahead" attitude and cause me to be a week late. And counting. And yes, I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. So I will wait 3 more days, then take another, then freak out no matter what it says, because I'm a regular girl and a week late is HIGHLY irregular.


To see or not to see
So surprise, surprise - I need glasses. Well, I don't NEED them, the optometrist was very adamant about that - I could certainly go a long time without them, but my eyes ARE working a little bit to focus close-up, which they shouldn't be doing. She said as long as they don't get achy/watery/tired/cause headaches, I'm ok without glasses but it won't hurt anything to get a pair to have around if I want them.

The thing is, I'm afraid that if I get them, I'll become dependent on them and eventually won't be able to see well without them. Then I WILL "need" them and that would suck. I'm just not sure what to do.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing my GYN
This is the week of doctor's appointments. In addition to the eye doctor tomorrow, today I have a gyn appointment. It's just a yearly exam, BUT I am very excited, because C. and I decided that we will try for a baby this fall. This means I get to pester my doctor to death today with all kinds of questions that won't even matter until I'm pregnant or halfway through a pregnancy. No matter, I must have answers!

I am SO looking forward to pregnancy. Genetics are on my side, because historically, the women in my family have had a VERY easy time getting pregnant, and also fairly easy pregnancies with no complications and not many stretchmarks, not much weight gained afterwards, etc. I only hope that I follow suit. Please please please please let me follow suit.

I cannot, however, tell anyone in my family that we will be trying. I'd like to, since my sister is an OB/GYN and could answer any and all questions I have and would be happy to do it - but my family is so nosy and annoying about stuff like this that we probably won't be telling anyone until the standard 10-12 week mark. That's perfect, because if I get pregnant around Sept/Oct then we can tell my parents in person at Christmas. My mother will consider it the best xmas present ever, since she's been bugging me about having kids since BEFORE C. and I got married - no joke.

My poor, poor eyes
I just scheduled an eye appointment for next week. It's just a checkup, but it's my very FIRST checkup. That's right, at 25 years old I have still NEVER been to an eye doctor. C. still can't believe that - then again, he's worn glasses since high school, maybe earlier.

No one in my family under the age of 40 or so has ever needed glasses, and then only for reading. When I was little I would ask my mom to take me with her when she got her eyes checked out, so I could get mine done, too. I think I was just curious about whether I really had perfect vision, or if I was deluded and my eyesight was really awful and I didn't even know it. Hm, I still worry about that.

I started working full time over 3 years ago - which means more than 40 hours/week staring at the computer. I'm absolutely positive my eyesight is worse than it was when I was in college, and for the last 2 years I've been saying that I really should get it checked out - just so I know how good/bad it is and so I have something to compare it to when I do get older and it goes to pot.

What gave me a nice kick in the pants was Wednesday and Thursday this week, when my eyes totally freaked out. They were watering constantly (that's not unusual in the morning if I'm tired, but it stops by 10 or so no matter what, usually), they were blurring and refusing to focus, they were achy, and once in a while it was like the room was all smoky. I am crossing my fingers that they were just really really tired and somehow a symptom of PMS (weirdest damn PMS EVER if that's true). Oh well, at least it got me to schedule something.

Missed opportunity
Scene: In bed last night, lights out.

Me [poking the knee I bashed against the end of the bed earlier when I was getting undressed]: Ewwww, feel this!

C: Um, no thanks? Generally "ewwww, feel this" isn't a great way to entice someone to touch something, you know.

Me: Oh. [pause] Oooooooooo, feel this!

C: Not a chance.