I'm actually looking forward to seeing my GYN
This is the week of doctor's appointments. In addition to the eye doctor tomorrow, today I have a gyn appointment. It's just a yearly exam, BUT I am very excited, because C. and I decided that we will try for a baby this fall. This means I get to pester my doctor to death today with all kinds of questions that won't even matter until I'm pregnant or halfway through a pregnancy. No matter, I must have answers!

I am SO looking forward to pregnancy. Genetics are on my side, because historically, the women in my family have had a VERY easy time getting pregnant, and also fairly easy pregnancies with no complications and not many stretchmarks, not much weight gained afterwards, etc. I only hope that I follow suit. Please please please please let me follow suit.

I cannot, however, tell anyone in my family that we will be trying. I'd like to, since my sister is an OB/GYN and could answer any and all questions I have and would be happy to do it - but my family is so nosy and annoying about stuff like this that we probably won't be telling anyone until the standard 10-12 week mark. That's perfect, because if I get pregnant around Sept/Oct then we can tell my parents in person at Christmas. My mother will consider it the best xmas present ever, since she's been bugging me about having kids since BEFORE C. and I got married - no joke.


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