It must be contagious
Last week when I thought I might be pregnant, I went to the supermarket to pick up a couple of tests to see if I was right. Since I only had the one item, I stood in line for the self-checkouts. There were four of them, all in use, and one mid-30's-looking guy standing in line in front of me with four or five small things in a basket. When I got in line behind him, he glanced back at me and I saw his eyes on the box in my hand. A few seconds went by and he glanced back again, this time looking a little apprehensive.

A checkout station opened up and the man took a step forward, then half-turned and said, "You only have one item? You go ahead." I protested but he insisted, "It's ok, go ahead." I said "thanks" brightly and went along to buy the test. I can only imagine what he thought would happen if I had to wait an extra 30 seconds to check out.


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