It's been a while, I know
What a week. Ok, so that was a false alarm (I don't see how it could have been anything else anyway - technically the chances were less than 1%).

But in other news, I managed to have two job interviews basically fall into my lap. It's funny, because I don't really like my job, but I don't hate it outright. It's just boring and requires no skill, and I do the same things on a daily basis that I was doing when I started over 3 years ago. But I do get paid well enough, so I don't like to complain about it too much. Once in a while, though, I check out the company intranet site to see if there are any job postings that would be more challenging (read: won't make me want to nap by 10 am every day).

Two fridays ago I found one that seemed perfect - actually using some of the stuff I learned in college and didn't require much actual experience in them. I applied and had an interview by Thursday.

About a month ago, there was also a general cattle call for jobs in my field at a national corporation that is consolidating a bunch of its offices in my city. I went and gave them my resume, and didn't really expect much - I figured I'd get an interview for a job identical to what I'm doing now, and unless they wanted to pay me a lot more or had MUCH better benefits, I'd stay where I am anyway. I also shoved my resume into the stack for the job I WANT to be doing (similar to the internal job I just interviewed for). Surprise, surprise, last Monday I got a call about THAT job and scheduled an interview for Wednesday.

I should hear back about both within two weeks, and I'm nervous. I'd almost be relieved to be turned down for both, but that's silly. I'm just used to my current job and anything else seems scary and daunting.


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