My poor, poor eyes
I just scheduled an eye appointment for next week. It's just a checkup, but it's my very FIRST checkup. That's right, at 25 years old I have still NEVER been to an eye doctor. C. still can't believe that - then again, he's worn glasses since high school, maybe earlier.

No one in my family under the age of 40 or so has ever needed glasses, and then only for reading. When I was little I would ask my mom to take me with her when she got her eyes checked out, so I could get mine done, too. I think I was just curious about whether I really had perfect vision, or if I was deluded and my eyesight was really awful and I didn't even know it. Hm, I still worry about that.

I started working full time over 3 years ago - which means more than 40 hours/week staring at the computer. I'm absolutely positive my eyesight is worse than it was when I was in college, and for the last 2 years I've been saying that I really should get it checked out - just so I know how good/bad it is and so I have something to compare it to when I do get older and it goes to pot.

What gave me a nice kick in the pants was Wednesday and Thursday this week, when my eyes totally freaked out. They were watering constantly (that's not unusual in the morning if I'm tired, but it stops by 10 or so no matter what, usually), they were blurring and refusing to focus, they were achy, and once in a while it was like the room was all smoky. I am crossing my fingers that they were just really really tired and somehow a symptom of PMS (weirdest damn PMS EVER if that's true). Oh well, at least it got me to schedule something.


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