Not the way I wanted to start the week
This morning I got on my bus and looked around in dismay. There weren't many empty seats in the front half, and I prefer to not sit smushed up against a stranger. There's nothing wrong with the back, but it's usually filled with high school kids, especially in the morning when the vagrants are still sleeping it off in the public parks along the route (definitely not the case in the afternoon, when I have had the - er - priveledge? of being flashed because I dared sit back past the halfway mark at 4 pm one day).

Anyway, I made my way back there, sat down and got out my book. I was sitting on a center-facing bench, and next to me was a teenage girl on a forward-facing seat. About 5 minutes went by when she tapped me on the arm and whispered "I just saw a [something unintelligible] on your seat."

"Excuse me?"

"A cockroach. It went behind your seat."

Well, THANK YOU, dear. I know you meant well, but considering the lack of other seats on this bus, I would have rather avoided spending the next 15 minutes of the ride looking, for all intents and purposes, like I had to pee really badly. You better believe I was fidgeting, because I like to think a cockroach would prefer to avoid a leg in motion rather than going to check it out. I also got off the bus two stops early.


Anonymous Nathaniel said...

Little doubt, the dude is completely fair.
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